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Bullet Bra Maitresse Nouveau  Black 

* If you love 1950's fashion then the iconic Maitresse Bullet Bra is an essential addition to your lingerie collection

* Expertly regraded in 2016 for a modern day fit, yet retaining an authentic 1950's look and feel

* DD+ cup? Check out the Curve Maitresse Bullet Bra specifically designed for a fuller bust

* Soft cup (your breast fills the cup to make the bullet shape just like in the 1950's)

* Mostly non-stretch band with elastic centre front and back for fit

* 2 row, 3 column hook fastening at back

* Satin: 100% polyester

Beautifully crafted soft-cup spiral stitch '50's style bra that is supportive, comfortable, 100% period perfect, and definitely What Katie Did's signature product.

This updated version of their classic Maitresse Bullet Bra has some new vintage detailing including the V shaped elastic at the top of the cups, and cage elastic at the back of the band. Of course, it's also been re-graded from scratch for an impeccable fit.

Unlike modern bras, which push the breasts inwards and upwards, the Maitresse Bullet Bra gently coaxes your breasts into the perfect 1950's conical shape. It's actually very healthy to wear non-wired, soft cup bras on a day-to-day basis, and WKD bullet bras are deemed to be so supportive that one customer even wears hers to the gym in lieu of a sports bra. We don't recommend everyone does the same, of course!

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