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About Linda McCarthy

Hi I'm Linda McCarthy...

Since my first year as a teen I wanted to wear all the new fashions. I loved Twiggy and wanted to wear what she was wearing in all the magazines. I was always a petite person so found it difficult to find trendy clothing in my size. I found it embarrassing going to the kids section to buy clothing as a teen but that's the only place where clothing fit me. Not Twiggy like at all! Luckily around this same time I started Jr High School and they offered sewing classes. I was so excited to take my first sewing class. So here I was first day of class sitting at my desk and I didn't have a clue of how to use a sewing machine, nothing about fabrics or even how to read a pattern but I knew some how, on that day, my life was going to be different. I was excited!

Our first class assignment was to make a square apron with drawstring ties (no pattern required). I thankfully managed to get used to the sewing machine by the time I finished the project. The next project our teacher asked us to make was an A line skirt. I don't know why but I thought "how boring" (I'm so rude). I knew I could make more than just a skirt so I chose a pattern with a jacket to match. But not just a jacket; a military style jacket with collar, epaulettes, bound button holes and gathered cuffed, bound buttonhole sleeves and patch pockets. I picked out a Red and Black plaid fabric (crazy!). It was Carnaby Street all the way! I took my bundle of fabric and pattern to school and my teacher just shook her head at me. I knew though that I could make both skirt and jacket within the time she gave me. After skirt pattern instruction from the teacher (cut on the bias, yes, my plaid side seams matched). I started my jacket project (cut on the straight grain, told you...Caranby Street fashion). Course instruction was to show the teacher each step as completed but I didn't have time for that! I just read the pattern, followed instructions and looked at the pictures to guide me through, bound button holes and all. I didn't ask the teacher for help on the jacket because I felt she didn't approve of my ambitious nature (oops). Did I finish the Jacket and Skirt on time? You bet I did! And I wore it feeling I did something that was all me. I look back at that defining life moment and wonder how did I do it. There's no answer. That little girl just knew she could. 

This is not the usual website introduction but this is who I am. I wanted to share my beginnings with you because your past can determine your future in a way that will benefit your life. 

Fast forward to now... I bring to you my vintage reproduction styles made exclusively by me. Some of my designs will require construction help only because I will be able to get them to you faster. 

My other work experience includes custom made clothing, costume design, 20+ years as a costumer in the film industry. Los Angeles/New Zealand.

  • You will find me: Linda McCarthy Studio on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.